The Cape Verde islands were discovered by accident in the middle of the 15th Century and became of primary importance to the Portuguese as a landing and supply base, as they pushed on to explore the west coast of Africa. Subsequently it came to be a stragic point in the New World.

Since then the islands seem to have disappeared from history, explaining why they were also ignored by the tourist industry. This very beglet has resulted in a marvellous, fascinating and unspoilt, natural world.

The ocean is deep blue and uncontaminated. Beaches are white, sandy and sunny, the breeze always keep temperature fine; the climate is wonerdful throughout the year, humidity is between 20% and 60% and keep  the temperature down (from 71F to 82.4F). Hospitality is affable and familiar, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.


After the transition to democracy in 1975, the IMF has contribuited significantly to the development of the infrastructure, such as the presence of good hospitals, schools, roads, airports.

The political stabiliity and absence of serius crime, social, ethnic or religious conflict, are an excellent incentive for the develpment of tourism through foreign investment. The government is very aware of this fact, and is conscious of the preciousness of such a natural enviroment, so close to Europe, in the development of tourism.

Currently air connections to Cape Verde are directed to the international air port Amilcar Cabral, on Sal island, which receives flights from Europe,  USA, South America, Africa, and Russia. The international airport on Praia inaugurated in October 2005 also receives flights from Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Fortaleza and Boston.

The airports at Boavista and S.Vicente are now also open for international flights.


There are connections to Italy principally from Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Rome and Bologna. 


Domestic flight are provided by the company TACV and Halcyon air, which provides connections between the different islands. Air travel is the quickest way of moving between the islands taking from 15 to 50 minutes.

There is also a private company, CABO VERDE EXPRESS, with aircraft, is avaiable for private and charter hire.

Travel by ferry boat is undoubtedly slower and less comfortable, but fascinating and much cheaper, it is provided by COMPANIA DE NAVIGACO ARCA VERDE.

Travelling is also possible in blue or white  taxis, with signs or those provided by the council. Avoid bogus taxis, and always ask the price in advance. There are also mini-bus taxis, which are cheaper but only depart when full.




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