Real Estate investment in Cape Verde is advantageous for many reasons. In 2009, in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, Cape Verde placed 2nd out of 53 African countries (including North African countries) and scored very well in Safety, Security and Rule of Law, Transparency and Corruption. Cape Verde has many characteristics which make it a secure investment option, particularly in terms of social and political stability. It is welcoming and hospitable with an absence of serious crime and no religious fanaticism or conflict.

From a strictly economical point of view, investing in Cape Verde represents an interesting prospect because in a short amount of time the tourist industry has grown considerably. There have been speedy  and good developments including new hospitals. No vaccinations are needed for traveling to Cape Verde.

Through various agreements with different nations, the Capeverdian legislation protects and guarantees property rights for everyone and therefore the possibility of buying and selling property is made easier.

The climatic and geographic factors are also great reasons to invest in real estate in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is easy to reach it is around 6 hours from London by air, with numerous air connections to other parts of the world. Wonderful year-round sunshine, with average humidity between 20 and 60 %, which is perfect for the average temperature (22-28 °C). A deep blue ocean which is crystal clear and unpolluted, fine sandy white beaches, pleasant breezes and a generally pleasant climate. It has extraordinary conditions for  surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, sailing and fishing. The beauty of travelling in a varied and changing country, between Africa and south America. In terms of atmosphere, Cape Verde is unique with dramatic landscapes, sceanic views and exquisite Mediterranean and African influences.


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